Canadian Yak Products

West Gimlet Farms

     Welcome to West Gimlet Farms. We raise Yaks and Canadian Horses. We have been raising both since 1996. We breed, train, compete,and sell Canadian Horses. The Yaks are a big part of our farm,being used for fibre, meat, robes, decorative horns, and even soap.
        We farm in the foothills of west central Alberta. Our six children are very involved with the animals, and farming. The large open fields and bush pasture fit well with the Yaks. We raise them on only grass, with no hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals. We bank(save) grass for them and they are able to mostly graze year around. The horses are used year around also. Shane feeds with them in the winter, and uses them for raking hay and hauling bales in the summer as well as competing them at Spruce Meadows and a few other shows. They also are used for riding by all of us. The kids use them for vaulting as well.

Here are a few photos that show some of the things we do here at West Gimlet Farms.

Enjoying a active, healthy lifestyle we find the Horses and Yaks are a great mix for us. They are fun, easy to manage, and rewarding.